~ Principled ~

We cater to those who demand a cruelty-free riding experience. Our horses are loved family members or diligently attended rehabilitation projects, working toward new careers in loving hunter, dressage, or eventing show homes, each with a custom training plan. They would never be required to spend the summer tied up outdoors in their tack as a casual entertainment to indiscriminately choose over bumper-cars or trampoline jumping.

We handle horses with the kind, compassionate, and sympathetic relationship all living things deserve. Each of our powerful yet gentle warmbloods and draft-crosses were hand-raised from orphans and started under-saddle on the farm. Unlike typical lesson horses, they are interested to meet, learn more about, and bond with you, we are very protective of their physical and emotional well-being. Time spent with these sheltered, noble creatures is sure to help you find your inner power and tranquility.

Although our historic barn is still in the process of being restored and modernized, horses are still at the heart of our daily operations and long-term goals. We’ve grown accustomed to working toward our goals with the challenge of slow-moving, large-scale infrastructure improvements in the background.

~ Intimate ~

Horses embody all that is graceful, strong, gentle, noble, beautiful, intelligent, and inquisitive. Those who have spent time with horses appreciate the contact with such powerful yet perceptive and compassionate animals.

Horses teach us the danger of miscommunication, yet when we are with them they loan us some of their courage, strength, and free spirit. Enveloping yourself in their power and generosity, while learning the art of empathetic, direct communication as you ride in the fresh mountain air is an undenyable release from the emotional and physical traffic of urban life.

Lani works closely with all riders to foster a comfortable, balanced ride, with quiet, understanding, and effective hands for efficient, subtle communication between horse and rider. Students become more aware of the horse’s personality and emotions and are guided through any fears and weaknesses.

Guest riders are welcome (but not obliged) to participate in the entire equestrian experience, as their vacation schedule allows, from catching and grooming their own horse (rider may need to bring boots for muddy conditions as well as proper riding boots) to the post-ride treats, grooming, and equipment care. Relaxing on our porch after an exhilarating afternoon connecting with a beautiful horse is excellent therapy and a retreat beyond words for kind, sensitive, educated individuals.

~ Exclusive ~

Our horses are carefully selected and professionally trained, managed, and groomed for show, guest, and family riding, yet they enjoy life as a horse should, with plenty of freedom, exercise, socialization, and grazing. They are used beyond their regular training schedules for only the most conscientiuos clientele.

The comfort, health, and safety of horse and rider are a top priority. In fact, our guests enjoy high-quality, professionally-fitted tack, we have a wide variety of expertly crafted, show-caliber equipment (guests encouraged to specify western, close contact, or dressage gear to be custom fit for their ride(s)) and solid, sound horses selected and prepared for their riding session.



~ Professional Instruction ~

Lani Ohly has decades of experience, totalling more than 7,000 hours in the saddle, on some 100 or more horses, and countless more as a riding instructor, following years and years of rescuing, rehabilitating, and training horses for hunter, jumper, dressage, and eventing competitive riding. Lani’s instruction emphasizes that when we work with horses, everyone in the equation is both a teacher and a student.

Lani's hopes to share the unique, memorable experience of compassionate connection with horses in the fresh air along Lake Champlain. She hopes that any unease is replaced with the inner peace, liberation, rejuvenation, and contentment that comes with increased personal strength, balance, and practical knowledge.




~ Packages ~

~ Inn Guest - $150.°°/rider - 3 rides for $50.°°/ride, 2 for $75.°°/ride, or one longer ride.

~ Vacationing/Seasonal Rider - $240.°°/rider - four rides per month.

~ Beginners' Shared Session - $175.°°/one hour session (2-3 beginners share one horse, each rider has 20-30 minutes in the saddle).

~ Groundwork Sessions include meeting and petting our horses, selecting one to work with, having a lesson in grooming, care, and handling, and feeding treats. There is no riding in a groundwork session. Priced according to the rates above.

Lani will take plenty of photos for your enjoyment and sharing at no additional charge!

~ Booking ~

~ Guests are now able to conveniently book and pay via our Book now button.

~ Kindly follow up with an email with the dates and times you would like to ride, including the names of the riders in your group (up to 3 for the shared beginner session), along with the height(s), weight(s), and experience level(s) for each rider. Ride time(s) will be arranged closer to your arrival to better accommodate your other plans, weather, activities on our farm, etc.

~ Lani can email a release of liability prior to booking, please request via email.

~ Please do not pay the invoice unless are able to agree to the terms in the release.

~ Refunds are offered for scheduling or weather-related issues. Refunds cannot be issued for Policy short-comings.

~ Policies ~

We operate under the following policies to protect and preserve our outstanding equine friends for avid equestrians and those interested in a meaningful riding experience:

~ Those seeking more intensive experience may ride up to two sessions/horses per day.

~ Group rides offer more time in the saddle (just over one hour) than a private lesson (40-45 minutes).

~ Riding participants (and their guardians) acknowledge that horses are inherently dangerous and agree to sign a release of liability.

~ We adhere to strict weight limits and athletic body types (M <210 lb., F <190 lb., children under 12 <120 lb.). Every rider (except small children) must be capable of getting into the saddle from a mounting block without assistance beyond horse/stirrup steadying. If you cannot get yourself into the saddle, don't be discouraged - it's still a great opportunity to get out for some exercise alongside your new equine BFF, to learn about or reacquaint yourself with horses through ground training sessions.

~ Properly-fitted helmet (personal or provided), pants, and riding boots are required. Breeches or stretch pants, long-sleeves, and supportive undergarments are strongly recommended. Padded safety vest is optional. Please consider professional, modest, fitted attire for comfort, safety, and a timeless riding experience.


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