We purchased and began to restore the property to productive farmland and healthy woodland in 2016. Throughout 2017 we began relocating our possessions and farm, livestock and equipment, to the Adirondacks. When you join us at The Inn on Lake Champlain we hope you will not be disappointed to see that there are much needed and ongoing improvements to the land and infrastructure at almost every corner. We are compassionate and motivated to see each of our goals achieved; that certainly includes customer satisfaction throughout the improvement of the Inn, grounds, farm, and development and management of our sustainable farm-based businesses.

We are dedicated to sustainable business development; supporting and growing the local and regional economy through local purchases and creating or improving long-term agricultural assets. We look forward to meeting and supporting the region's farmers, orchardists, beekeepers, syrup makers, artists, and other craftspeople. We plan to invest substantially in improving our pastures, hay meadows, woodland, orchard, and agricultural structures for memorable education and health based tourism and agricultural income for generations to come. We believe that all stand to benefit from wilderness and historical exploration and education, farming experience, outdoor recreation, and conservation/preservation based learning and outdoor activities; we are firm in our belief that these endeavors are among the best ways to enjoy and protect wild spaces and rural landscapes for future generations.

We are dedicated to education and achievement for all. We offer entry level farm positions to local residents and enjoy teaching basic job skills including carpentry, sustainable land and property management, equipment repair and maintenance, agricultural and animal husbandry skills. Please email for information on contract work available and positions offered.

We are beyond excited and honored to continue the legacy and preservation of this magnificent lake-side farm. Please consider following our progress and helping us to promote our unique B&B and sustainable farm-based businesses by liking and sharing our Facebook page with your friends. We look forward to sharing our goals, adventure, and the changes we will be making to restore the property to productive, organic farmland with elegant equestrian and exciting recreation amenities.

We can barely wait to meet our new neighbors, the Inn's past and future customers, local farmers, craftsmen, and farm-kids, or to enjoy life in the beautiful, pristine country-side and clean air of the Adirondacks!


Lake Champlain Inn

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