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Welcome to The Inn on Lake Champlain, the heart of the Adirondack's largest grass-based farming and wilderness preservation project. Deluxe accommodations and stellar horseback riding experiences support organic farming and antique structure rehabilitation on historic farmland overlooking Lake Champlain.

The Road Less Traveled


The Lake View Suite

The Whispering Cedars

The Mill Bay



Book direct for the best rates, from $140/night!

We offer four meticulously clean guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 600 ct. cotton bedding, two parlors, a formal dining room, a wrap-around porch and other outdoor seating.

Guests enjoy period American Chestnut millwork, spotless hardwood floors, and refined decor including our collection of original and antique artwork inspired by the natural beauty of the Adirondacks and its agrarian history.



Local Honey and Pecan Cinnamon Buns


Lemon-Poppyseed-Blueberry Coffee Cake

Coffee Bar

Currant & Fresh Cream Scone

Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookies



Our beautiful farm-to-table breakfast from the freshest seasonal, local, natural, and organic ingredients is served at 8 o'clock.

Breakfast is served on pretty antique English transfer-ware, depicting historic New York tall ship scenes and consists of decadent chocolate éclairs, savory, fresh breakfast breads, crêpes, french toast, pancakes, fruit tarts, crème brûlée, quiche, cinnamon buns, Monte Cristo, streusel, coffee cake, scones, or another pastry, along with fresh fruit, farm-fresh eggs, and breakfast meats.

Guests can opt for an earlier start with fresh home-roasted organic coffee, tea, or espresso, homemade granola and yogurt or hot oatmeal and toppings, fresh baked bread and homemade fruit preserves, eggs made-to-order, and/or homemade pastries, and fruit (available from 7am upon request). What a start to a day of relaxation and adventure in the Adirondacks!


We serve afternoon tea at 4pm (by request), otherwise we'll be farming until you arrive.



Horseback Riding



Professional huntseat, dressage, and western instruction on sturdy, sound warmbloods, retired thoroughbreds, shetland ponies, and other beloved “eqstended" family.


Beautiful Wilderness

At the Inn on Lake Champlain we place great value on sustainability and preserving the health and natural beauty of the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, and Lake George. Our farm is not a monoculture but a wilderness with edges full of the native plants where rare birds, bees, and butterflies thrive.


Love Wins


We’re proud to offer our home and our friendship to a diverse array of guests. Staying with us, you’re sure to meet likeminded individuals who pursue a healthy mind, body, and spirit through conscientious living and enjoyment of the outdoors!


Historic Farm


Inn on Lake Champlain History

Historic Barn

Historic Slate Roof


Our History

Our historic victorian farmhouse has been an Inn off-and-on since its construction in 1870.

The Inn became the heart of a busy family farm again in 2017. We work tirelessly to rehabilitate our unique historic structures and modernize the farm for a new generation of conscientious family farmers.

We take great pride in continuing the legacy of this farm by rescuing and maintaining its historic structures. Since coming to the farm we've replaced hundreds of slates, replaced bad flashing and valleys with hundreds of pounds of fresh copper or aluminum, rebuilt six huge dormers, replaced exterior siding and trim, doors, windows, and several huge beams, and gotten started on new infrastructure... whenever there's a break in our usual farming routine.

But don't worry, we always do any noisy or disruptive work while guests are out.


Crown Point Historic Site


Near Fort Ticonderoga

Near Lake George

Lake Champlain at Fort St. Frederick


Experience the Lake Champlain Region

Our guests spend their day enjoying the Lake Champlain Region’s crisp, fresh air and natural beauty: natural wonders, historic sites, and various outdoor activities, such as Fort Ticonderoga, Fort St. Frederick, Lake George's eastern hiking trails and beaches, kayak rentals, biking, or on-farm horseback riding.

We offer on-farm hiking, guests with an adventurous spirit hike across our vast farmland and wilderness to see one of the most beautiful views in the region. And, why not? We're just a short drive to the eastern beaches of Lake George to cool off afterward!

There are countless art and history museums or galleries to explore in hot or rainy weather.


Organic Farm


Fresh Eggs

Grassfed Beef



Organic Farm

Our existing and up-and-coming farm products are grass-fed beef, a huge Ameraucana free-range laying flock with some of the most beautiful hens under the sun, Jersey breeding stock and trained dairy cows, huge, friendly Anatolian Shepherd mix working dogs, trained warmblood and thoroughbred sporthorses and sporthorse prospects, and American Shetland Ponies.

All together, each year, in addition to serving our wonderful guests, we produce about 200,000 lbs. of hay, more than 1,000 dozen eggs, several huge grass-fed steers, 1-3 sporthorses, and hundreds of pounds of garden produce.

Add a farm tour to your reservation for $40/group, but don't forget your boots!


The Farmhand


Farm Stay

We offer a wiry old double bed with a majestic view of Lake Champlain, in a small storage/library room, complete with our half-bath/cleaning closet, for those desperate to live farm life for a month or more.


Lakeside Wedding View



Lovely, pastoral sites overlooking Lake Champlain for your relaxing and inexpensive earth-friendly events.


Organic Farmers


Historic Barn


The Farm Family

We purchased and began to restore our farm to productive farmland and healthy woodland in 2016. Since 2017 we've been relocating our possessions and farm, livestock and equipment from SE Ohio. We’re still working on that...





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Our Misadventure


Adirondack Farmer

Real Adirondack Farm


Share in the Misadventure

We maintain fb journals complete with loads of additional photos and tales of misadventure for those who appreciate small family operations, country life, self-sufficiency, historic barns, and all things agrarian despite any partway started green/sustainable ideas and projects, wet and muddy dogs, mucky paths, major renovation/repair projects interrupted by tractor-woes, wildflowers mixed with “weeds”, farm equipment haphazardly cluttering the timeless Adirondack landscape, and happy farm animals no matter what sort of horrible mess they make!

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